openset-special-issue-logo-1-smA Cluster of Essays
edited by Kris Cohen and Christa Noel Robbins

The Persistence of Form: Introduction – Christa Noel Robbins and Kris Cohen |  Beyond Formaldehyde: An Interview with Lauren Berlant – Kris Cohen and Christa Noel Robbins |  Andrew Raffo Dewar on Form – Andrew Raffo Dewar |  Form-as-Movement – Michele Matteini |  Daniel Morgan on Form – Daniel Morgan |  A brief and provisional rumination on a Black Form – Matthew Metzger |  Form Fatigue? – Anahid Nersessian |  The Persistence of Formalism – Scott C. Richmond |  Michael Robbins on Form – Michael Robbins |  Dash Shaw on Form – Dash Shaw |  Religion and Narrative Form – John Paul Spiro |  Digital Form and the Human – Janine Utell |  The Historicity of Form: Challenges Posed by Wolf Vostell’s Concrete Traffic – Lisa Zaher

Beyond Formaldehyde, An Interview with Lauren Berlant

conducted by Kris Cohen (KC) and Christa Noel Robbins (CR)

Question 1 You said in the lead up to this interview that you’re writing a lot about form right now. What’s driving that interest in form? Why now?

I always feel stupid in front of “why now” questions, because they seem to presume a shared “now” and, you know, I don’t think we can presume that, since I think of the present as an effect of mediation, a time-genre giving form to an affective sense that gains traction through circulation. I have always written about form: the nation form, the couple form, the form of life… Think of Formica, a laminate that appears as a single hard substance so stable it can be cut to order. Continue reading