Christa Noel RobbinsChrista Noel Robbins

Christa Noel Robbins, a scholar of modernist and contemporary art, is an Assistant Professor in the McIntire Department of Art at the University of Virginia. She has published in the Oxford Art Journal and Art in America and is currently completing on a book manuscript titled Unmaking the Self in Late-Modernist American Painting. This is her website:

Clinton TolleyClinton Tolley

lives in san diego, teaches philosophy at ucsd

Irina RuvinskyIrina Ruvinsky

Irina Ruvinsky received her PhD in philosophy from the University of Chicago. She studied philosophy and French literature at the Sorbonne and the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. She currently teaches at the Art Institute of Chicago.

John-Paul SpiroJohn-Paul Spiro

lives in Philadelphia and teaches philosophy and literature at Villanova University

Kris CohenKris Cohen

Kris Cohen is Assistant Professor of Art and Humanities at Reed College. He teaches and writes about the relationships between art, economy, and media technologies, focusing especially on the aesthetics of collective life. His first book project, entitled /Never Alone, Except for Now/, addresses these concerns in the context of networked life. Future projects will deal with the relationship between dematerialization (in modernist commodities, including artworks) and intellectual property law, and the importance of the bitmap and the graphical user interface to art produced since the Sixties.

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